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"Karen Kenney has an excellent understanding of the how and what of working with the tangibles in death. Do I throw away or save? Do I make a clean sweep or store? These are critical questions in dealing with the loss of a loved one and complex questions when there is a complicated grief. If mom or dad was a #-- blankey blank and now he or she is gone how does one deal with the "stuff". What to do if ones life partner of decades has died what are the priorities with regard to "stuff". Karen's calm manner, organizing expertise and experience with grief, work to provide an excellent resource for others.  Her help was invaluable after my husband's death and my mother's death."

"I highly recommend her."
M. Cahn, Concord, MA


"I work as a hands-on technical problem-solver for several client companies, work that involves me keeping track of a variety of electrical equipment, machinery, materials, chemicals, and samples, in addition to innumerable technical books and papers. Other organizers see only a gigantic mess to be carted off to a dumpster when they walk into my office, but Karen understands how I work, and very successfully helps me keep all the physical items organized for easy access and retrieval, in addition to keeping my work-space and office presentable."
Nicholas Reinhardt, Principal, N. Reinhardt Consultant, Lexington MA

"I run an electrical business, taking care of Electrical customers is how I make my money. I could not keep up with clients, the bills, the mail, the marketing and other endless task a business owner has each day. Karen has set up a filing system, which allows me to pay the bills. Once a month she comes and files everything for me. She will research information on the web. Recently I have gotten into the Home Inspection Business, she helped design my cards, my logo, my stationary and other promotional items. She has done advertising for me and many other things as well. She does a great job and helps my business run successfully."
Thomas McGann, Preferred Choice Home Inspection  781-938-0214

"My Brother hired an organizer to help him in his office.  It got me thinking, I too needed help with my office.  I had papers everywhere, files everywhere and empty file cabinets.  I needed to have someone make sense of everything.  Karen came in, labeled files, sorted the mounds of paper and set up a filing system.  Now I can find things and papers are no longer lost for days at a time" 
Bob McGann, Director,  Woburn Electrical School, MA  781.223.1924


Karen helped Gwynn move from Massachusetts to Texas. Listen to her testimonial here: Gwynn Testimonial


J. Ritchie. Nashua NH

"It was awesome because it helped me become aquainted with the inside of my house again. Everything is in its place where it should have been and she also helped me completing projects." View my testimonial.

J. Spinale

"Where would we be without Karen? In our family, one of us is orderly and one is not. Karen's visits supply speedy organization to all the creeping stuff that otherwise threatens chaos. She finds what's lost and she keeps our tempers from fraying. Not only is she efficient, cheerful and caring Karen is indispensable and understanding friend."

H. Baldwin, Lincoln MA

"Karen helped me create organizational systems that will grow/still be a use as my needs change. She also taught me how to use and reuse common objects (i.e.) plastic bags for creative purpose. Karen is truly gifted at what she can do to organize your home. And she creates workable systems that you can continue to use after she is gone. You also learn a lot from her as she goes, so you can then handle/create smaller systems on your own."

Erin Squeglia, Reading, MA

Karen is fantastic. She came over and first to assess our current situation and second our goals. We tackled our basement, my room, bedroom closets and then a new filing system. Once those things were accomplished, things seemed clearer. Having things in order allowed us to better focus on the more important things.

Susan D'Entremont, Reading MA


"My kids' school supplies were everywhere, plus I had a storage unit for them but supplies never made it to that storage unit. I did not have the time to sort it all out. Karen came in on Saturday, while I took the kids to soccer and organized the whole mess. All the pencils and markers and other items all have a home. All the containers stack on top of each other. Nice and neat, she labeled them and even my 5 year old knows what goes in what container. It has been a year and things still are in the right container. Thanks Karen!"

Paula Judge


"Karen was like an angel. I only had a few days to get my house ready to put on the market.  My real estate agent gave me a list of things to do.  I was all alone and very overwhelmed.  Karen came in and helped me get everything on the list done.  Low and behold my house sold in three days!  Thanks Karen."


"Last year after moving and repainting several rooms in my house I decided to get back to my passion which was painting and doing my craft projects. When I tried to get back to doing my crafts, I realized that after a couple of months of just dumping everything in that room, I needed help to get it organized. Karen came in, helped put things into containers that work specifically for crafters and helped me set up a nice peaceful spot so I can paint until my heart is content. Now everything has a spot, containers are labeled and things are so much easier to find. Thanks Karen"

Mary Clark




"We are a small preschool in Brookline, located in a Victorian house with very limited storage space.  We had used just about every space imaginable, and were at our wits end.  Karen came in and gave us some fantastic ideas on how to utilize our funky space. She added bookshelves and hanging sweater bags to store supplies.  Her ideas for rolling carts . .....were terrific! ......Everything has a spot, is labeled, and easy to find."
Laura Walsh, The Children's Center of Brookline


Become Karen's next satisfied organizing client. You'll thank her when you know exactly where everything important is. She can help you anywhere in the greater Boston area in communities ranging from Bedford, Brookline, Lexington, Concord, Acton, Winchester, Woburn, Carlisle, Westford, Cambridge, Belmont, Andover, Reading, Stoneham, Arlington, Chelmsford, Littleton, Harvard, Rowley, Georgetown, Groveland, Conway, Needham to Peabody.