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Karen is fantastic. She came over and first to assess our current situation and second our goals. We tackled our basement, my room, bedroom closets and then a new filing system. Once those things were accomplished, things seemed clearer. Having things in order allowed us to better focus on the more important things.

Susan D'Entremont, Reading MA





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These books will help you understand the concepts behind
"Professional Organizing" and
give you ideas of what I can
do for you and what you can do for yourself.

For your convenience the links for the books take you to 
I am not receiving any commissions on books sold.
Obviously you are free to purchase the books from your favorite bookstore
or check them out of the local library.

If you have read any other organizing books, that you would recommend,
please send me an email and I will add it to this list.

Organized to be Your Best - by Susan Silver

Organizing from the Inside Out - by Julie Morgenstern

Time Management from Inside Out - by Julie Morgenstern

The 7 habits of Highly Effective People - by Steven Covey

First Things First - by Steven Covey

Taming the Paper Tiger at Work - by Barbara Hemphill

Organize Your Home - by Ronni Eisenberg with Kate Kelly

Organize Your Office - by Ronni Eisenberg with Kate Kelly

Printable Reading List

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Boston Closet Company 800-854-2419 Free estimates
California Closet 800-225-6901 Showroom in Natick
Closettec 800-477-3277 Free estimates
ClosetCraft 800-649-0313 Free estimates
Closets By Design 800-293-3744 Free estimates
Closetscomplete 800-696-3919 Free estimates
Closet & Storage Concepts 508-553-3550 Free estimates
Cozy Closets 888-269-9003 Free estimates
Classic Closets 877-closetz

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Axcess Mobile Storage 866-757-8673
Door-to-Door Storage 866-872-2114
Gentle Giant 617-773-6404
PODS 888-776-pods
Public Storage 800-447-8673
Storage Unlimited 781-273-1800

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ORGANIZING IDEAS AND CATALOGS (800 numbers and web sites)

Harold Taylor Time Consultants 800-361-8463
Get Organized 800-803-9400
Lillian Vernon 800-545-5426
Holdeverything 800-421-2264
Franklin Covey 800-603-1492
Stores in Prudential,
Staples 800-333-3330
Current 800-848-2848
The Container Store Natick/Chestnut Hill
Ikea Stoughton

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  • Auto Records (titles, registrations, repairs) - for as long as you own the vehicle(s)
  • Appointment Books (past) - 1-10 years, according to your comfort level and whether you use them for tax purposes, reference or memorabilia
  • ATM Slips - maximum of 7 years if needed for tax purposes
  • Bank Statements - maximum of 7 years if needed for tax purposes
  • Catalogs & Magazines - until the next issue arrives
  • Dividend Payment Records - until annual statement is supplied by company, then just the annual statements
  • Household Inventory and Appraisal - as long as current
  • Insurance Policies (auto, homeowners, liability) - as long as statue of limitations in the event of late claims
  • Insurance Policies (disability, medical, life, personal property, umbrella) - as long as you own
  • Investments (purchase records) - as long as you own
  • Investments (sales records) - maximum of 7 years for tax purposes
  • Mortgage or Loan Discharge - as long as you own, or 7 years after discharge
  • Property Bill of Purchase - as long as you own the property
  • Receipts
    • Appliances - as long as you own item
    • Art, Antiques, Collectibles - as long as you own
    • Clothing - for the length of the return periods, unless tracking household budget
    • Credit Card Slips - until statement comes and you can match your purchases
    • Furniture - as long as you own home, in case repairs are needed
    • Home Improvement - as long as you own home, or 7 years after sale
    • Household Repairs - for life of warranty or longer to track reliability
    • Major Purchases - life of the item
    • Medical and Tax-related - maximum of 7 years
    • Rent - your canceled check is sufficient
  • Utility Bills - current bill and one previous year's to check billing patterns
  • Warranties and Instructions - life of warranty or items, stick a label with warranty expiration date and service repair number on bottom of appliance. If something breaks down, you've got an easy way to check if the item's still covered without even having to go to your file drawer.
  • Resume - as long as it is current
  • Safe Deposit Box, Key & Inventory - as long as current
  • Tax Records (bank statements, canceled checks, certificates of deposits, contracts, charitable contributions, credit card statements, income tax returns, lease and loan agreements, loan payments books, pension plan records, pay stubs) - current year, plus 7 prior years
  • Vital Records (adoption papers, birth & death certificates, citizenship papers, copyright/patents, marriage certificate, divorce decree, letter of "last instructions" to executor or heirs, medical illness and vaccinations records, passport, power of attorney, social security records and wills) - permanently

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Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (will pick up) 800-483-5502
Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries 617-445-1010
Salvation Army (will pick up) 800-728-7825
Vietnam Veterans of America (will pick up) 800-775-8387

Many charities will pickup at your home. Check your local yellow pages as well.

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ORGANIZER WEBSITES my web site my DVD web site The National Association of Professional Organizers NE Chapter of Professional Organizers


Do you have to many books? Need to get rid of some books? Hands Across the Water is a charity that sends books to other countries. Check out this website at or call 781-438-4051. It's loaded with information on types of books, drop off locations and other information.

There is another company called Got Books, they will also pickup your books. Visit or call 978-396-6021.


To receive a free "Junk Mail Reduction Kit", contact me 781-275-8915. The Department of Environmental Protection Consumer Waste Reduction Program put together this wonderful kit. Website: It has some great information on eliminating junk mail. Within 3 months you should see a significant change in the amount of junk mail you are receiving. Stop junk mail at the source!


Visit the website: Save a tree and eliminate those you don't read anymore. And pick new ones that maybe you would like to receive.


To stop pre-approved Credit card applications call 888-567-8688. Follow the prompts.


There are a many companies to help prevent Identity Theft. I use Prepaid Legal Services. They have special program called Identity Theft Shield that monitors your accounts and lets you know if something is going on. To get information contact Pam Brigham at Let Pam know I gave you her name. She can explain the program.

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Karen can come to your home or office to help you get organized anywhere in the greater Boston area in communities ranging from Bedford, Brookline, Lexington, Concord, Acton, Winchester, Woburn, Carlisle, Westford, Cambridge, Belmont, Andover, Reading, Stoneham, Arlington, Chelmsford, Littleton, Harvard, Rowley, Georgetown, Groveland, Conway, Needham to Peabody.